Lisa of Tasmania, helping us to shift our perspective on life and love

Lisa king
3:45am Mar 13, 2017

In this episode, Lisa shares what life is like for her as a mother in beautiful Tasmania.  She and her husband Aaron made their marriage great even through the struggle of raising their second son who was born with a condition called hydranencephaly, which caused most of his brain to be taken up with water leaving him severely phyically and mentally disabled.  You'll be touched to hear of their strength and their ability to see the good and see the best in the situation.  Lisa has endured tremendous loss and has been a solid source of strength for her family.  As you hear her story, my hope is that you will be reminded of what an amazing blessing your life is and the people placed in your path, especially your family and that we will all be reminded to not take these relationships for granted.  You can enjoy Lisa's inspiring and heart touching posts on her blog at  Prepare to have your heart touched.

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