Desiree Hartsock, the Bachelorette on being humble, selfless and grateful

8:34pm Apr 26, 2016

This episode, where I interview Desiree Hartsock from The Bachelorette, is both heartwarming and inspirational as Desiree shares about how her faith played a vital role in taking risks and doors being opened to her journey of finding her true love Chris.  She talks about day to day life, her recent trips to help people in Dominican Republic and Guatemala, how gratitude and selflessness go a long way and listen to the end to hear what 3 of her beauty tips are.  You might just be surprised by how 'simple' they are.  There are lots of great takeaways from this episode that inspire us to lead better, kinder lives, give more, thank more and enjoy the simplicity of life.  

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