HAPPY Half Year!

Happy half year
4:52am Jul 13, 2016

In this Episode, Melody discusses what Happy Half Year means to her and shares some insight from Jim Rohn in his article: 4 Tips for Setting Powerful Goals, she shares some of the goals she wants to work on during the last half of this year and encourages YOU to do the same because you know what?  You are worth it!  You can find a link to the article at www.facebook.com/momscast, please follow Momscast on Instagram and on Facebook and if you haven't yet, please leave a positive rating and review.  By doing so, you'll not only assist in the success of Momscast and helping others find the show, but you'll make Melody SO happy and grateful and will be entered into the drawings to win a book which is discussed on the show.  Here's wishing YOU an incredible half year...you truly deserve it!  

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